Saturday, February 05, 2005


Mitchell Gets it Right

I am encouraged by the comments of Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell who today spoke about the danger of letting Sinn Fein off the hook over and over again.

"Anybody who has done business with Sinn Fein in the past has paid a very serious price.

"The SDLP party has been overtaken.The Ulster Unionist Party is in ruin.

"If Fianna Fail doesn't stand up to these people they'll follow the same way.
They'll steal the seats and continue to have P O'Neill in the background."

At last an Irish politician finally gets it!The IRA and Sinn Fein have no intention of going away.
Their political tactics are the same as their military tactics-take out your enemies.
They have no intention of delivering for their own community,only to make life difficult for the communities of their rivals.
They have caused division within the UUP and they seek to do the same to the DUP and their tactics will be the same as far as Fianna Fail is concerned.

Why would Mr Mitchell,a Fine Gael man,care about Fianna Fail being dissected in the same way?I believe it is because Mr Mitchell knows that the danger of Sinn Fein transcends party politics.The danger of Sinn Fein is a danger to the Irish state and the state's citizens.


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