Monday, February 07, 2005


Monday Madness-SF Supporters

I do not respect Sinn Fein supporters.I do not respect the people who have made Sinn Fein into the largest nationalist party in the North and I do not respect the people who have increased their influence in the Republic.
It has become abundantly clear in recent weeks and months that Sinn Fein have no intention of sticking by the Good Friday Agreement nor do they have any intention of adhering to the will of the Irish people.The people who have voted for Sinn Fein have struck a blow for democracy and have left the Irish Republic in jeopardy to boot.

It would seem at last that politicians in the south are waking up to the real threat that is posed by Sinn Fein and the IRA.It was revealed not too long ago that Sinn Fein members were gathering information about TDs.We have also seen the Gardai confirm Hugh Orde's suspicions of IRA involvement in the Northern Bank raid.Not only that,we heard Mitchell McLaughlin claim that the murder of Jean McConville was not a crime because it was carried out by the IRA and we heard Mitchell confirm that he felt the IRA was the legitimate government of Ireland!The recent statement by the IRA warning us of the seriousness of the present situation was a threat to every man,woman and child on this island.The danger posed by republicans has become evident.

The IRA have no intention of going away.By voting for the associates of these terrorists,Irish nationalists have placed the entire island in danger and at the mercy of terrorists.
I am heartened that some Irish politicians are waking up to the danger of Sinn Fein and the IRA.Gay Mitchell,for example.
The real question however is when are Sinn Fein voters going to wake up to it?


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