Thursday, December 16, 2004


God Rest Ye Merry,Gentleman

The Dail has agreed to take a Christmas break from the close of business tonight until the 26th January.

The Green Party leader,Trevor Sargent,had objected to the length of the holiday.Sargent proposed the Dail would reconvene on the 12th January.However,on a vote,the House backed the Government's proposal.

I find this decision to be shameful but not at all surprising.After all I believe I'm correct in saying that they also take a week off for St.Patrick's Day even though most schoolchildren get a day,two days tops.
Now they are giving themselves a Christmas break of more than a month when most schoolchildren will be back in the first week of January.

Considering that there is much concern over Ireland's north right now I imagine Ahern wanted to steer clear of any more questions on the matter.
Oh well,as you head off to work and the kids head off to school on a cold December day,console yourself with the thought that at least our Government TDs are able to enjoy themselves.


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