Wednesday, December 15, 2004


The More The Merrier....

The Taoiseach has today declared there is to be a referendum on Seanad reform before the next general election.
Ahern intends to have more cross-community representation from Ireland's north.
I support this decision and believe it is a worthwhile move for Irish nationalism.
I have in the past called for more representation from the north in southern affairs.
The fact is the border is designed to put in the minds of the people of this island that the Irish in the north are different from the Irish in the south.Nationalism believes that the island is one and that the border can never alter that.
Therefore,it stands to reason,that to show up the flaws of the border nationalists must set about doing their best to ignore the border.
I have stated before that in order for there one day to be a united Ireland without a border,there must first be a united Ireland with the border.
Moves like this are a good start.More please.


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