Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Homeward bound Secretary

It's been revealed that David Blunkett has quit due to an e-mail which revealed he had fast-tracked a visa application for his former lover's nanny.
Blunkett has stated he has done nothing wrong as the visa was processed by the "system".
He stated the reason for his resignation was because questions about his integrity were damaging the British Government.

I do have some sympathy for him.However comments about colleagues in his book have given him even more difficulties.I have no sympathy for him in this regard.Why did he feel the need to write a book at this particular time?He should've taken a look at what's happened to people involved in football who came out with books.Roy Keane,David O'Leary et al. have all seen the folly of coming out with books while heavily involved in their particular field.

Still,maybe he can now start work on a sequel...


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