Thursday, December 30, 2004


Thursday Thoughts:FF/SDLP

Those of you who have read the last two editions of Thursday Thoughts will have seen firstly my proposal for how the Republic should build closer ties to the North to pave the way for unity and secondly what I personally would offer to unionists if Irish unity was on the table.
For this edition I will look at the single biggest threat to the prospect of Irish unity facing nationalism and my opinion on the best way to stop it.That threat,is of course:Sinn Fein-the partitionist party.And the best way to stop it,in my view,is for Fianna Fail to merge with the SDLP.

I should make it clear right now that I have no affiliation or particular allegiance to any party.With regards to Fianna Fail those of you who read this blog will know I have little time for Ahern and the rest of his motley crew.Despite my feelings for the present Fianna Fail administration,I do have respect for the ideology behind Fianna Fail and former Taoiseachs of the party.I respect the nationalism of the party even though nowadays it seems it's only ever shown in the public light at Bodenstown and General Elections.
However,it is important that we take into consideration the current plight of the SDLP.

The SDLP are a shambles.There's no use denying it.They have been crushed by Adams and co. and have assumed the position of onlookers.Watching the collapse of the SDLP was like watching your favourite football team getting their best player injured and taken off and seeing your team leak goals as disillusioned fans leave the stadium disgusted with the performance!
I have respect for Mark Durkan and feel he is a competent politician and I know from hearing him he's a good orator and is witty but despite this,he's no John Hume.
Hume had the respect of the nationalist community.He was someone that nationalists could look to.Durkan doesn't have such influence on nationalists.
What next for the SDLP?The only way is down it would seem unless Sinn Fein get embroiled in some sort of scandal.Something that would prove costly for Sinn Fein(no pun intended).
Would this be enough though?It might lose SF some moderate supporters but it doesn't fix the problems of the SDLP.Nationalists need an alternative.They haven't got one.Therefore,the question must be asked,who can stand up to Sinn Fein?In my eyes,only one party on this island has a realistic chance:Fianna Fail.

It's been rumoured the SDLP were contemplating merging with a southern party.FF and the Irish Labour Party have been mentioned.A merger with the Labour Party would not stop SF in my opinion.A merger with FF could,I believe.
Whether you like Sinn Fein or not the party's name has a connection to this island.A resonance.Only Fianna Fail can come close to matching that.Ideologically,they are a party that can hold their own against Sinn Fein.
Furthermore,they have successfully made the transition from a party with a violent background.
The SDLP with Fianna Fail could challenge Adams and co.
Let us also not forget the unsettling rumours of a potential merger of Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein,a move in my opinion which would be catastrophic for nationalism.

All in all,I hope a merger between Fianna Fail and the SDLP is something that will take place in the near future.
Sinn Fein threaten the cause of Irish nationalism there's no doubt about that.
I say it's time that threat was put down by Irish nationalists.
I say it's time the Soldiers of Destiny got themselves some new recruits!


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