Friday, December 24, 2004


Friday Fun-News in Brief

This week,the Labour Party said it would reduce the pupil-teacher ratio to 15 to 1 for classrooms.

I must say I welcome the move.When I was at school it seemed like for alot of my classes the pupil-teacher ratio was 30 to 0!

This week police in Dorset,England ordered a naked,large-breasted festive garden gnome to cover up after a motorist complained it was indecent.The police received a complaint from a mother who said her children had been upset.

Tut-tut.Gnomes these days,eh?They have no respect for themselves.

I read on BBC the plans by The Irish Academy of Engineers to build a 50 mile link under the sea.What's proposed is a tunnel link connecting Rosslare to Fishguard in Pembrokeshire across St.George's Channel.

Well I must say I'm not too pleased with the diagram on the BBC's website for the plan!It looks like poor Ireland is being taken advantage of,if you know what I mean!See for yourself here.


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