Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Dozens of Irish Unaccounted for...

It's thought that dozens of Irish people are unaccounted for following the series of devastating tsunamis that hit the south Asian coast on Sunday.
The Department of Foreign Affairs has said telecommunication problems are affecting efforts to establish the status of the Irish that are missing.
Two Dublin women,who were travelling separately,in the Phi Phi Islands are missing and reportedly the women are 27-year-old Eileesh Finnegan of Ballyfermot and Lucy Coyle.
The Red Cross have speculated the death toll from the earthquake and tsunamis could rise to more than 100,000.

The tragedy that has occurred in Asia has been truly horriffic and the death toll seems to keep rising and rising.Natural disasters like this truly test a person's faith.
I hope that the Irish people that are unaccounted for are found but this goes above and beyond nationality.Hopefully people of all nationalities will be found and hopefully that death toll won't keep rising and rising.


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