Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Where did I Leave the Remote?(and my Wallet)

I see that Communications Minister Noel Dempsey has approved a €3 increase in the RTE license fee from April 1st,2005,bringing the cost of the TV license fee to €155.
Mr.Dempsey said he made the decision after being pleased with an external review's findings in relation to the strengthening of RTE's output and the meeting of key financial targets.

It's bad enough we now have to PAY EVEN MORE MONEY but what's this nonsense about the "strengthening of RTE's output"?Was this external review watching the same channels as I was?All I see is tripe like 'The Panel' and 'The Dinner Party'.RTE has become a shambles these days!
Probably the only things I watch regularly on it are American shows like The Simpsons.I think the only time I watch homemade shows on RTE would be when I watch the news and when I watch the football with Bill O'Herlihy and the gang.
RTE=Really Terrible Entertainment!


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