Monday, December 27, 2004


Monday Madness-The Orange Order

For this edition of Monday Madness I would like to vent my fury at an organisation that I very much oppose-The Orange Order.
The OO is a sectarian organisation which glorifies a hatred of catholicism.They shove their triumphalism down the throats of catholics.People who are supposed to be treated as compatriots are instead looked upon as outcasts in the sick,perverse attitude of this cult of hate.

One such example of the deplorable actions of this Orange frat-house is their deplorable ban forbidding catholics from joining the organisation.Indeed,you may be familiar with the controversial issue in 1998 when David Trimble attended the funeral of a child murdered in a Real IRA bombing and suffered calls from other OO memebers that he be expelled for attending a "Papist ceremony".
This shows the mindset of this merry band of bigots.

There have been recent issues with this organisation such as at the marches at Drumcree which have shown the ugly side of this cult.One example was the march at Drumcree on 7th of July,2002 where the violence of this loyalist organisation was shown when the members attacked policemen who were stopping the Order from entering a mainly nationalist area of Portadown in Armagh.British PM Tony Blair called the Order's actions "loutish" while Church of Ireland Primate Archbishop Robin Eames called it "deplorable,disgusting and completely unacceptable".
It's worth noting this is an organisation that some unionists have said should be enjoyed by all the communities in the North just like St.Patrick's Day!

The fact is the Orange Order is a sectarian and anti-Irish organisation.Even though it runs on an all-Ireland basis and has parades in parts of the Republic such as Donegal,it also has a history of anti-Irish attitudes such as members who admit to burning the Irish flag on the 12th of July and let's not forget the display of loyalist flags and emblems that is frequently seen at these marches.

So what is the answer?Ban the Orange Order?In an ideal world,yes.I mean the British don't tolerate neo-Nazis marching triumphantly down their roads commemorating the slaughter of Brits by the Luftwaffe so why should the Orange Order be allowed to celebrate and glorify the killing of catholics?They shouldn't.It's odd in this politically correct world we live in that this archaic abomination of an organisation which is the Orange Order,has managed to allude the sensors of the liberal left.If a golf club allows only men be members ,the politically correct cronies get their knickers in a twist;But when a group like the OO decide to ban people due to their religion,nothing is done.For shame.
Then again what do you expect when the British monarchy likewise glorifies the poor treatment of catholics by forbidding a catholic from ever getting to the throne!

Personally,as much as I detest this cult of hate,I don't back those nationalists who rise to the bait of its petty,provocative marches.My advice would be to ignore them.This is what happens in the Republic.Very little violence takes place in the south.As much as the OO irritate and annoy the nationalist community in Ireland's north the answer is to ignore the thugs.
Perhaps one day unionists will one day come to their senses and disband the Orange Order?How about they even declare the ban is over?!
Until then nationalists must wait.Wait until unionists join the rest of us in seeing the Order for what it really is-pathetic penguin-marching prejudice passed off as patriotism!


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