Thursday, December 30, 2004


Hero/Villain of the Day-30.12.04

Hero: Tiernan Dolan:I can't help but be impressed with this secondary school teacher who today gave up his Christmas holidays to help the survivors of the tsunami in Asia.
Dolan,a native from Longford town,agreed to join GOAL's emergency response team in Sri Lanka after receiving one day's notice.
He will act as a logistics co-ordinator with the GOAL team and in the past has worked as a volunteer in Afghanistan and Rwanda.

In a world like ours which seems to get more depressing and depraved by the day I would like to pay tribute to this man for showing that humanity is not a total lost cause.Fair play to him.

Villain: Viktor Yanukovych:His appeal against the result of the presidential election re-run was rejected today by the Central Election Commission after they dismissed his claims that mass violations had occurred.
His campaign manager Taras Chornovyl said Yanukovich will now appeal to the Supreme court.

Can't this guy just accept his defeat gracefully?The other man won Yanukovch,just accept it!
His contempt for the democratic system is extremely disappointing.Just give it up!
And I thought Dana was bad...


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