Friday, December 17, 2004


Fun Irelander Feature-D4

As a Dubliner I'd like to give my take on the whole northside/southside issue.I am from the northside of Dublin and I never really bought into the whole northside/southside debate mainly as I have parents from both sides.However I admit to finding myself a bit fed up with a certain type of southsider.Namely,the D4 types.
Dublin 4 is the affluent part of the city with places such as Donnybrook where you will unfortunately run into individuals made famous by people such as writer/comedian Ross O'Carroll-Kelly.

These people will indeed be heard uttering phrases such as "roysh","totally","like,whatever" and "craic"(this one irritates me especially.Dubs can't pull off using this word.Leave it to the country people,I say.)
D4 types are the people living off Mammy and Daddy and they value the important things in life like popularity and mocking others inferior to them.

D4 ladies will usually be seen holding a beverage which no doubt contains the words,"mocha" and "cappucino".They can be reduced to a nervous breakdown due to Daddy deciding not to let them have the Merc for the weekend.They usually go around with a big dollop of fake tan giving them a healthy yet blinding orange glow.
They model themselves on the characters from Sex and the City.

As for the D4 men(I use the term grudgingly),these people usually can be found sporting several blonde streaks in their hair and delight in keeping a permanent and unsettling smile.
They are the Irish equivalent of America's "jocks".They say the word "roysh" at a rate that will drive you crazy and believe they are God's gift to women.

D4,what's it for?These people are pseudo-Americans with little pride in anything except their wallets.Indeed,in a conversation I had recently,I was told about a D4 girl being paid by her father to attend her lectures in the college she was attending.
If you are not very aware of Dublin,you must beware of D4!Conversation with these people will break you.Or rather,it will "craic" you.You've been warned.


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