Tuesday, February 26, 2008


No to the Lisbon Treaty!

I am deeply troubled by the Lisbon Treaty and the idea of the people of this country endorsing such a wicked treaty. This document is essentially the EU Constitution under a new name, a fact that has been spelled out by our own Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

The Constitution, rejected by French and Dutch voters, spells bad news for many nation-states within the EU, and certainly Ireland. Our neighbours across the water in Britain were denied a vote on this despicable document by Gordon Brown because he knows full well the British would tell the bureaucrats where they can stick their irredentist plans.

Luckily for Ireland we have a constitutional obligation to have a referendum for anything which changes or amends our own constitution. Make no mistake about it, this treaty changes our constitution in a major way.

The treaty removes Irish decision-making in around 50 policy areas, gives the EU a right to conclude treaties and agreements over the heads of member states like ourselves and, worryingly, reduces the voting strength of the Irish state.

Is this what the founding fathers of this state died for? To watch so-called 'republicans' in Fianna Fáil giving AWAY power from the Republic of Ireland?

Did we really spend all that time trying to leave a Union that didn't care about our wishes only to go and join another Union that won't care about our wishes?

Ignore the disgraceful scaremongering tactics of men like Minister of State for European Affairs Dick Roche talking about how a 'No' vote would affect our standing within the EU. This is baloney. Are we expected to believe the EU would get tough with us alone when France and Holland previously rejected the EU Constitution and not a peep was said against them? Don't insult us Mr Roche with your garbage warnings.

I believe, and I am not exaggerating here, that this vote is one of the most significant moments in Irish history because, if endorsed by the Irish people, it will help centralise power in Brussels and leads us down the road to a federalist European Superstate.

If, like me, you vehemently oppose such a thing, then take the time to read up on the Constitution and prepare to vote NO to the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.

Over the next few weeks and months I intend to write a lot about this vile treaty which threatens our sovereignty and I hope to have some interviews with campaigners. It's time to put a stop to this treaty once and for all.

You can read more about the dangers of the treaty here.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Can we banish Bertie?

I see the Tanaiste Brian Cowen, in another lame Fianna Faíl defence of their crooked leader, has described Enda Kenny as being like Napoleon in Elba, drawing up plans for wars he lost, after Kenny criticised the Taoiseach's Mahon Tribunal evidence.

Don't make me laugh, Cowen.

If you ask me, Ahern in recent months has sounded like Napoleon in St. Helena, coming up with excuses about his life of misdeeds and becoming increasingly detached from the world around him.

Ahern recently admitted under questioning at the Mahon Tribunal that his former partner, Celia Larkin, received a loan of £30,000 pounds from a special Fianna Fáil fundraising account in order to buy a house. Following this revelation, opposition leaders urged him to resign and have rightly branded his financial affairs a national embarrassment.

In any other country this man - this political disgrace - would have no choice but to resign yet the so-called 'Republican Party' Fianna Fáil have prostituted their morals so much so that they are rallying behind this clown.

I predicted around the General Election last year that this kind of thing would happen. I wrote:

"I feel a strong sense of sadness as I see Fianna Fáil cruising to victory in this election. Just like when Haughey was in power, the Irish people are being duped. Big time. The fools who re-elected this lot will regret it when the crises mount up. They broke their promises last time and they will break them again. It's what they do best."

Now we are left with YET ANOTHER Fianna Fáil Taoiseach who is taking this country for a ride. It's Haughey all over again. Why couldn't people see this coming last year?

It's high time we said au revoir to Monsieur Ahern and banished him from public office. Just like Bonaparte, the Taoiseach needs to meet his Waterloo.

Saturday, February 23, 2008



Ugh. Oh dear, oh dear. Anyone catch the Eurosong 2008 contest on RTE on Saturday evening? The contest was to determine who would represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Well, if you missed it, the winner is pictured to your left. That's right. A puppet turkey will represent this country before an audience of hundreds of millions of Europeans.

What a bloody farce.

Everyone knows that the Eurovision Song Contest has been bereft of actual talent for years now, but that doesn't mean we should be supporting talentless pop pap acts. I'd rather us withdraw from the competition altogether than have this irritating bit of plastic acting as a symbol of Irishness.

I wouldn't even mind a song that took the piss out of the Eurovision if it was actually good. Anyone who's seen the My Lovely Horse bit from Father Ted knows that's the way you do it. The monstrosity that Ireland is inflicting on Europe though is absolutely appalling.

You can hear the song here:

I'm a Dub and I can barely understand what the hell he's saying. What hope do Lithuanians and the like have?

That is one turkey that's facing a stuffing.

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