Thursday, February 22, 2007


Some racket for the ladies

I am amazed and disappointed in equal measure at the ridiculous decision, announced today by the All England Club, to allow men and women have equal prize money for the first time at this year's Wimbledon tournament.

What a pathetic, gutless bunch of cowards they are to give in to the PC brigade and the rest of the feminazis who pushed for this.

I have no problem with men and women having equal pay - as long as the women do the exact same work as the men!

We will now see a situation where the men must play a maximum of five sets whilst the women play a maximum of three sets and yet both sexes will receive the exact same amount of money? How is this fairness?! Has the world gone bonkers?

The bias of the BBC article on the issue is disgraceful too. The article has a host of players in the game praising this decision. It also tells us:

"Mauresmo earned £30,000 less than the men's champion in 2006."

Oh boo hoo. Well if she had played as many sets as Roger Federer had to then maybe she would have deserved more!

John McEnroe when commenting on the matter said:

"I think when you've got men and women playing at the same tournament, it is ludicrous to have a difference in pay."

Oh you cannot be serious John? It is ludicrous rather to have the same pay for men and women when there's a different workload!

Let me put it to you like this. Let's say there are two workers at a supermarket, one male and one female. Now let's say the woman works from 9-5, whilst the man works a 12 hour shift from 9-9. Now are you telling me that in such a scenario it would be fair to have these two individuals get paid the same amount?

Of course not!

This is a defeat for the forces of common sense and a straight-sets victory for the politically correct do-gooders. Game, set and match for the anti-penile bandwagon.

I find it ironic that the organisers of a tennis tournament don't seem to have any balls. What a joke.


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