Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Some things to get off my chest...

Maybe January has me cranky but I'd like to vent here on UI about some things that are bothering me...

Rant 1) Why have unionists gone awfully quiet in relation to the recent findings of collusion between the RUC and loyalists? Why is Ronnie Flanagan still in a job? Remember the hissy fits unionists threw over comments made by President McAleese and Father Alec Reid in recent times? Where are the hissy fits now? These recent revelations are far more serious than some person's opinions! We're talking about MURDER which took place and was condoned by NI's police and yet there is very little coming from unionists.

What has come from unionists on the matter has been most disappointing. I witnessed "Lord" Ken Maginnis last night on the BBC's Spotlight programme huffing and puffing about the issue and just generally spouting rubbish. A remark of his which made me laugh was when he referred to prisoners being released in 1998 and said something like, "I accepted this in order so we could move forward; not look back on the past." Yeah because unionists never bring up the past, do they Ken?

Of course this is the same Ken Maginnis who, in 2001, called for the resignation of the Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan when she announced an investigation into the Omagh bombing because, wait for it:

"What she is doing, by having this inquiry, is detracting from the enormity of the crime of the Real IRA and calling into question the integrity of the RUC as they try to do their job."

Oh embarrassed he must feel! The "integrity of the RUC", eh Ken? They don't have much integrity now. What is this guy a Lord of? Buffoonery?

Rant 2) What's the deal with British news outlets referring to Peter O'Toole as a British actor? As they read out the names of their country's THREE actresses who are up for Oscar awards, Ireland's own Peter O'Toole is thrown in too for good measure. Uh, why? He lists his birthplace as Connemara, Co. Galway and O'Toole even ensured that his daughter and son were born in Ireland. He regretted his eldest daughter Patricia being born in Britain, famously remarking, "Pat was born in Britain, the poor thing."

So I'm confused exactly is this guy a Brit? Anyone? It's bullshit like this which sours relations between our two countries.

Britain's newest son apparently

Hey, maybe we should do likewise, eh? Congratulations to Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Kate Winslet. Three fine Irish cailíns!

Rant 3) I see Jade Goody has gone to India to try and resurrect her career. How about this Ms Goody - stay there. Yeah give that a try. And give the rest of us a break from your talentless tripe.

Ah...I feel so much better now.


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