Thursday, February 08, 2007


Neutered Lions led by a Donkey...

Oh for feck's sake.

San Marino are a bunch of part-timers who have never picked up a point in European Championship qualification, and, wouldn't you know it, Stan the Man (stop laughing please) and his Irish boys almost had the distinction of gifting them their biggest ever result.

We're a bloody laughing stock in football right now.

It's bad enough having to tune in to TV3 to hear Trevor what's-his-name mumbling on in his dreary voice, but throw in a performance that makes Bolton Wanderers seem like Real Madrid and you'll have an idea of what the Irish performance was like.

Did Stephen Ireland's goal save Staunton's job? I doubt it as the gangsters in Merrion Square will cling on to their cheap little investment for as long as they possibly can. What Ireland's goal did do is give the drone from Drogheda a chance to spit out pathetic excuses such as this:

"We controlled the game from start to finish and could have scored six or seven but we were sloppy at the back."

Yeah and if my Aunt had balls she’d be my Uncle.

"San Marino were always going to improve as the group went on"

Bear in mind this is a team which conceded 25 goals from their first 3 qualifying matches.

"The lads are disappointed with the performance but I am delighted to get the three points with two matches at Croke Park to come."

Apparently he's not disappointed at all. I'm sick of the OTT enthusiastic guff constantly thrown our way by this guy.

Oh we got 3 points! Hooray! Croke Park soon lads! Hooray!

It's time to wake up to the reality that while there is a lot of potential in our young players like Stokes, Long and Doyle, Staunton is NOT the man who can fulfil this potential.

We need a change. We need new ideas. We need a new face!

Staunton out!


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