Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The true Irish team move ahead of NI!

Oh dear, the NI fans won't like this! We know how important the FIFA world rankings are to them but as the BBC report...

"...the Republic of Ireland have jumped three places ahead of Northern Ireland to 46th spot"

Oh no! This won't sit well with the "wee" fans at all, will it?

It was truly quite sad how positively orgasmic NI's fans went when they moved ahead of the proper Irish football team in the rankings a few months back.

They should've realised that the world rankings are a joke anyway. Right now both teams from this island lag behind such international heavyweights as Mali, the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Ludicrous altogether!

Having said that, as insulting as the rankings are, having NI's team of no-hopers ahead of our young and talented professionals was just too insulting!

The new rankings restore some much needed credibility to an already questionable list.

We might be managed by a donkey at present but we're still aeons ahead of England Junior up the road!

Don't forget that FIFA!


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