Sunday, April 09, 2006


Quotes prior to the Rising

Herbert AsquithWinston Churchill

"You can no more split Ireland into two parts than you can split England or Scotland into parts. Ireland is a nation; not two nations, but one nation.

"There are few cases in history, and, as a student of history in a humble way, I myself know of none, of a nationality at once so distinct, so persistent, and so assimilative as the Irish."

Herbert Asquith, British Prime Minister, speaking in 1912.

"I admit that perfectly genuine apprehensions of the majority of the people of North-East Ulster constitute the most serious obstacle to a thoroughly satisfactory settlement ... but whatever Ulster's rights may be, she cannot stand in the way of the whole of the rest of Ireland."

Winston Churchill commenting on the complicated Home Rule question.

Even these important figures in British history knew deep down that it was unacceptable to talk about ripping the Irish national territory in two.

The threat of Partition alone justified the Easter Rising.


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