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Remembering the Rising - Civilian killed on doorstep by British soldiers

The British ruthlessly suppressed the RisingJames Moore was killed by British soldiers at his front door in Dublin's Little Britain Street during the Easter Rising.

Moore was killed by a shot fired by a group of British soldiers in the street, and the soldiers' senior officer, Sergeant Flood (a man who was associated with the deaths of the Guinness workers you may recall), went to the house after the shooting to express his regret.

British Under Secretary at the Home Office, Sir Edward Troup, told Asquith that Moore was:

"probably a perfectly innocent person"

And he added:

"I have no doubt, however, that if the evidence were published there would be a demand that Flood should be tried for murder."

While it is important to acknowledge that the British murdered several Irish civilians in cold blood during the Easter Rising, what is equally important to acknowledge is the sick and sordid attempt on the part of the British to cover up the dirty deeds that they were involved in.

They knew that the Irish people wouldn't take too kindly to their actions and so as The Guardian pointed out:

"army officers and civil servants covered up evidence that rebel prisoners and uninvolved civilians were summarily shot, to avoid what they called 'hostile propaganda'."

It is clear from reading the above that the British were in no fit position to govern Ireland (not that they ever were) and we should all be grateful that their vile deeds exposed their true colours to the Irish people, whilst at the same time mourning the loss of those innocent Irish people who had their lives snatched from them by British soldiers.

Remember 1916.


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