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Remembering the Rising - Father and son murdered by British

The British who murdered and maimed civiliansContinuing United Irelander's focus on the Easter Rising, today we focus on yet another ghastly incident from the 1916 Rising, again carried out by the British.

The date was April 28th and it involved a father and son, Thomas and Christopher Hickey, the latter being just 16, who were both dragged from their home and shot in a neighbouring house in North King Street. Also shot that day was a man named Peter Connolly, a member of the Redmondite volunteers aka the National Volunteers, who was the owner of a hardware shop.

Thomas Hickey was described by his widow as a "great Britisher" and secret British documents released in 2001 highlight how much of an injustice these deaths were and the pathetic, sorry attempt on the part of the British to cover their dirty deed up:

"There is nothing to show [they] were Sinn Feiners or had taken any active part in the fighting."

British Under Secretary at the Home Office, Sir Edwart Troup, told British Prime Minister Asquith:

"I am strongly of the opinion that it would be undesirable to publish the evidence taken by the Courts of Public Inquiry.

"There are many points that could be used for the purpose of propaganda. Nothing but harm could come of any public inquiry that would draw further attention to the matter."

There you go folks. These are the British who some would have us believe should have been left to run Ireland whatever way they liked!

Some would have us believe that the effort of the Easter rebels to free Ireland from being controlled by these maniacs was actually a bad thing!

The hard facts are that the British had shown contempt towards the Irish people for centuries. They looked on them as sub-human. Punch, the British magazine, depicted the Paddy as akin to an ape. The Irish were to do what they were told and keep quiet. Even though the majority of Irish people wanted Home Rule, the unelected House of Lords saw to it that Home Rule wouldn't happen. When Home Rule was finally set to become a reality, they pandered to a hostile minority who threatened war and talked about ripping the nation in two.

When brave men and women had enough of this bullshit and decided to stand up to their bully-boy masters, the British resorted to their tried and tested ways, which for example had seen them murder Irish civilians at Bachelor's Walk a few years previously, and they went and murdered many more Irish civilians during the Rising, including Thomas and Christopher Hickey.

The begrudgers would have us believe that we are wrong to remember the rebel's bravery. We are not wrong. It is only fitting that we give thanks and pay tribute to the heroic attitude displayed by those who got sick and tired of Ireland being Britain's punching bag.

A common trait that can be found in all humans is a desire to be treated fairly. Countless events in history around the world have shown that when you back people into a corner, they come out fighting. It is an attribute that we call defiance and it is something that can certainly be found in the Irish character.

This Easter make sure you pay homage to the Easter rebels who started the movement which brought freedom to 26 of the 32 Irish counties.

Remember 1916.


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