Friday, April 07, 2006


US gives reaction to NI plan

God bless the US of A!The White House has given its reaction to yesterday's joint statement by the Irish and British governments on restoring devolution:

"We welcome today's announcement by Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern on restoring the Northern Ireland Assembly established by the Good Friday Agreement.

"Today is an opportunity for all in Northern Ireland to take control of their future and bring the political process to a successful completion this year. President Bush calls on all parties to demonstrate leadership and seize this opportunity to work together to restore the power-sharing Government and resolve outstanding issues. In particular, we urge full support for civilian policing throughout Northern Ireland and an unequivocal commitment to the rule of law and the renunciation of all paramilitary and criminal activities.

"We remain steadfast in our support of the peace process and the efforts of the British and Irish Governments to achieve a lasting peace under the principles of the Good Friday Agreement."


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