Thursday, April 13, 2006


Irish national anthem draft sold off

Our history is being carved up Do me a favour, would you? Read this post of mine from February before you proceed to read this post.

Read the February post? Good. It has now transpired that the original first draft of the Irish national anthem has been sold for 760,000 euro to an anonymous bidder.

The document was sold at an auction of artefacts commemorating the 1916 Rising.

Bidding for the draft, penned by Peader Kearney in 1907, had begun at 500,000 euro.

The auctioneers are unable to disclose the identity of the buyer but they believe it will stay in the country. (And what are they basing that belief on?)

During the auction, the largest ever sale of Irish historical and political artefacts, more than 450 lots fetched a total of 2.8million euro.

A 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, one of about 20 original versions still in existence, was sold for 200,000 euro.

Michael Collins's original signed Sinn Fein Membership card meanwhile was sold for 60,000 euro.

Can you believe this? Only in this country would the Government sit by as national treasures get sold off to God knows where.

Only the other day the Taoiseach commented on the 1916 Rising and encouraged a "great national conversation on what it means to be Irish, on the values we hold and cherish".

Here's my conversation starter, Bertie - you have sat by and watched our priceless historical artefacts get pissed away. For shame.

"Values we hold and cherish", Taoiseach? Unless a tempting offer comes along, eh?

That first draft of the anthem belongs in a museum as does the original version of the Proclamation and Michael Collins' membership card.

I hope the auctioneers are happy with all their euros. Personally I don't know how they and the Government Ministers can sleep tonight.

They make me sick to my stomach. Idiots.


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