Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Sinn Féin's Green Paper returns...Zzzzz

A more useful paper Uh-oh! I thought we had seen the end of this document but I guess I was wrong. What am I referring to you ask? No, not the EU constitution. And no, I'm certainly not talking about the Good Friday Agreement. I'm referring to...the Sinn Féin Green Paper on Irish Unity! (sigh)

Just when you thought things were picking up in the island of Ireland, Sinn Féin have revived this useless little sheet which is about as much use to advancing the cause of a United Ireland as a chocolate donut is to limiting the size of Jennifer Lopez's rear end.

The Green Paper is an attempt to force the Irish government to seriously face the issue of planning for uniting NI with the South.

We don't even have an Assembly up and running in the North and yet Sinn Féin want to focus on the ins and outs of a United Ireland. You couldn't make it up!

The idea for a Green Paper has been linked to a plan for the appointment of a minister who would be devoted to monitoring the progress of the North-South bodies set up by the Good Friday Agreement. I personally find that idea alot easier to digest but unfortunately it's buried under a big old pile of rhetoric.

"There has never ever been debate in Leinster House on how you would actually go about establishing Irish unity.

"This is about starting that debate," a party source said.

Such a debate is an utter waste of time at this stage. It will not be of any benefit and will do more harm than good. Sinn Féin ought to leave these silly ideas well alone and get down to coming up with ways to work with unionists and get the North's Assembly back on track.

Gerry Adams has suggested the paper could be followed by a more substantial "White Paper".

I would suggest to Mr Adams that after the White Paper, he should come up with some toilet paper. It will fit right in with the two previous papers because unionists will simply wipe their arses with the whole lot of 'em.

Forget about this foolishness Mr Adams and focus on the issues that matter!


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