Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Top Ten Tuesday - Dream interviews

Interviews are nice As you know, here on Wednesdays on United Irelander I like to interview figures from all walks of Irish political life.

Interviews that I have already conducted can be viewed here and I hope to have an interview up tomorrow, although it's by no means a certainty that I will at this point.

I've been thinking about some of the figures I'd really like to put my questions to though and next thing I knew, a list formed in my head. So without further ado, I give to you all my top ten dream interviewees.

1. Bertie Ahern - Obviously it would be a nice coup for this site to be able to put questions to the Taoiseach himself. Who knows, maybe one day I'll nab such an interview.

2. Tony Blair - Fair enough he's not Irish but it would be great to put some questions to Mr Blair and I happen to have alot of respect for him.

3. Ian Paisley - I'm not even sure if he has an email address but it would be great to put my questions to the leading figure of unionism.

4. Michael McDowell - Arguably the most controversial of all Irish politicians, it would be good to get his thoughts on a couple of matters.

5. Gerry Adams - I'd very much like the opportunity to put some questions on Irish reunification to Mr Adams.

6. Mary McAleese - The President is someone I've discussed alot on this site and it would be good to get her thoughts on alot of the controversy that surrounds her.

7. Jeffrey Donaldson - He's an articulate unionist politician and while I disagree with pretty much everything he stands for, it would be interesting to interview him.

8. Enda Kenny - Is he the next leader of this country? I'd like to ask him that and alot more.

9. Roy Keane - OK fine he's not a politician but he's one of my heroes and I'd love the chance of an interview!

10. Toireasa Ferris - No explanation necessary...

So there you have it. What about yourselves though? Is there anybody out there you would love to see interviewed? Have you any suggestions on who I should try to get an interview with in future?


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