Wednesday, February 08, 2006


'What If'? Wednesday - No Easter Rising

A massive moment - but what if it never happened?The Easter Rising has been a bit of a recurring theme on United Irelander this week and with that being said, I figured I would devote this week's 'What If'? Wednesday feature towards the issue.

In this post on Monday I highlighted the following comments from Senator David Norris:

"We got an Irish Free State, but there was going to be one anyway. They got kudos for that. And of course the Brits were bloody fools."

This is not true. We were not about to get an Irish Free State through the Home Rule party seeing as Home Rule involved a subsidiary Irish parliament WITHIN the United Kingdom! Some also argue that had it not been for the Rising, Ireland would not have been divided. That isn't true either as was explained on The Dossing Times:

"The UVF was formed not to stop an Irish republic but to stop a home rule parliament in Dublin. The Ulster Unionists no more wanted a Home Rule parliament then a republic. So the Island would still have been divided."

Of course we're entering into the area of speculation here which brings me to today's hypothetical question for you all...

What if the Easter Rising had not taken place? How do you think Ireland would have turned out?

Let's hear your thoughts.


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