Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The Superbore

It's like Rugby...for pussies I meant to make a post about this yesterday. Did any of you catch the Superbowl coverage on ITV in the early hours of Monday morning?

Seeing as I was up late (being the insomniac that I am) I decided to give the sport, which is incorrectly termed 'football', a chance.

What a big stinking pile of crap it was!

Those Americans are easily pleased let me tell you. I can't seem to enjoy any of the main American sports. NFL? Nope. Basketball? Nah. Baseball? Hell no, it's just cricket with better fashion accessories!

What really irks me though about the NFL is the amount of protection these guys wear. Helmets, shoulder pads, etc. What a bunch of pussies!

I found myself thinking these guys wouldn't last five minutes in a rugby match. In fact, I'd pay to see an Irish rugby team go up against an NFL team, perhaps Notre Dame's Fighting Irish, in a special match. It would be like those special games which pit GAA guys against Aussies Rules guys. No helmets, no shoulder pads or any of that stuff. I wager the Irish team would annihilate them!

'Help! I broke a toenail!'
My toe is hurting here!

In case you're wondering who won (and I know you're not) the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10.

Let me give any Americans reading United Irelander right now some advice. If you want to experience a really exciting game of football, track down last year's UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan. In my opinion, there is no sport on this planet that can recreate the drama of proper football and this game will prove that to you.

The US has given us many great things - Ruby Wax aside - but when it comes to sports, we're much better off without them!


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