Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Deaths continue on our roads

Too many have died You may have already heard the terrible news about the two-year old toddler who tragically died in north Conty Dublin on Monday. The boy's death made it SIX deaths in twenty-four hours.

Road accidents are officially a menace in this country.

I was pleased to see Fiona draw attention to the issue on Monday
here. Readers of United Irelander will know that I have blogged about the issue both here and here in the past. In truth, I'd like to see more Irish bloggers focus on it as it is a real danger.

On one of the blog posts from above I visited the Gardaí's statistics for those killed in road accidents. I decided to do so again and the statistics revealed that, shockingly, 48 Irish people have been killed so far as a result of road accidents. The statistics as I found them had not yet factored in the young boy's death which brings the total to at least 49 at this point.

This is unacceptable.

Something needs to be done and it's clear our politicians aren't doing enough.

The Minister for Transport is Martin Cullen TD and one of his duties is "implementing the Governments roads safety strategy". It is clear that this strategy is not proving effective!

In one of my posts above I wrote:

"...if the Government were serious about tackling this problem then they would have the Gardaí wait outside parking lots with breathlyzers to issue to the "I can have one more I suppose" contingent who exacerbate this problem. Of course, this does not happen.

"Government Ministers really need to take their heads out of their arses on this issue.

"How many people have to die in road accidents in 2006 in order for this Government to wake up and realise we have a huge problem on our hands?"

Sadly people are dying. Too many people. If you wish to raise your concerns about the number of deaths on our roads with the Minister for Transport Martin Cullen TD, then you can e-mail him at the address below:


In one of my above posts I highlighted Fine Gael's Spokesperson on Transport Olivia Mitchell TD and her comments so if you want to raise your issues with her, you can contact her at:


I urge you to contact at least one of these politicians or else one of your local politicians to complain about the carnage on our roads.

If enough people speak out against this then the Government will have to take notice.

If you make your voice heard then those who have tragically lost their lives so far will not have died in vain.

Let us remember these poor souls and let us pray that no more Irish people meet with their fate.

Update: Ráiméis informs me that 50 people have actually died so far this year. Crazy stuff.


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