Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Sling your hook!

7 years for HamzaI see the radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza was jailed for seven years today at the UK's Old Bailey after he was convicted of a string of race hate and terror charges.

Sentencing him, Mr Justice Hughes said he had "helped to create an atmosphere in which to kill has become regarded by some as not only a legitimate course but a moral and religious duty in pursuit of perceived justice".

The judge said: "No one can now say what damage your words may have caused. No one can say whether your audience, present or wider, acted on your words."

But he added that his views had caused "real danger to the lives of innocent people in different parts of the world".

Apparently Hamza is set to appeal.

I am pleased that he will face a prison sentence. His views are disturbing and unacceptable and have no place in society.


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