Sunday, February 05, 2006


Hilton sends out a negative message

Terrible remarks from this womanMore proof that the people of Hollywood are stark raving bonkers...

Socialite and designer Nicky Hilton has lashed out at actress Mischa Barton at a recent Hollywood party, calling The OC star a "fat cow".

The 20-year-old younger sister of Paris Hilton was one of many stars at power manager Benny Medina's 48th birthday celebration.

Slender Mischa, whose ex-boyfriend Brandon Davies has also dated Hilton's sister Paris, shrugged off the insult by saying: "It probably says more about her than me."

This one just doesn't make any sense.

Mischa Barton is one of the thinnest celebrities you'll ever see!

A fat cow?

Do celebrities like Nicole Hilton (OK I've never heard of her but presumably some people have) not realise the bad messages they are sending out to impressionable youths when they label obviously thin people overweight?

Seeing as Nicole Hilton is a fashion designer, labelling Ms Barton fat is frankly deplorable.

If Mischa Barton is what passes as fat these days then give me a fat woman any day!


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