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Good Friday Agreement is dead - Robinson

The people endorsed the AgreementI was disgusted to learn today that the DUP's Peter Robinson has dismissed nationalist claims that the only way forward was through the Good Friday Agreement saying, "Read my lips – the Belfast Agreement is dead."

The DUP deputy leader said last Wednesday’s Independent Monitoring Commission report on paramilitary activity had shown that the IRA had still a very long way to go before republicans could democratise.

"Democracy cannot tolerate a situation where criminality is institutionalised at the heart of the state and that is exactly what would be done if we were to permit an organisation like Sinn Féin which is still seamlessly linked to paramilitary and criminal activity into government," he said.

"It will not happen. But, in truth, I do not need to argue the case that Sinn Féin has not passed the entry test."

Can you believe this horseshit? Maybe Peter Robinson's words wouldn't ring so hollow had the DUP not previously gone into government with Sinn Féin in the past! Let's not forget that the DUP were very close to doing a deal with Sinn Féin had it not been for the troublesome issue of the photographs of decommissioning.

Even more extraordinary, we have the DUP's Peter Robinson riding roughshod over the democratic wishes of the people of Ireland - who endorsed the Good Friday Agreement - telling us that said agreement is now 'dead'.

Who does this guy think he is?

Herr Robinson
Ze Agreement iz dead!

Robinson continued: "Bertie Ahern has pronounced upon their fitness for government. He says he would not countenance having them in government in the Irish Republic. You can be certain that neither Tony Blair nor George Bush would consider sharing power with the Provos for a second.

"Let me give them a clear message: Don’t ask us to do something you would not do yourselves."

Let's give Robinson a clear message: Neither the Irish Republic, the UK nor the USA runs on a power-sharing basis. Nationalists WILL be represented in the North whether you like it or not.

Poor oul' Pete's memory must be really bad. He must have forgotten that unionists treated Catholics like second-class citizens for decades when they ran the show.

Read my lips, Pete - Irish nationalists won't be bullied and picked on by unionists of your ilk any more!

Believe it!


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