Saturday, February 04, 2006


PSNI refuse to call attack sectarian

Loyalists are preventing peace I came across this disgraceful story in Daily Ireland (hat tip Slugger)...

The PSNI has been criticised for refusing to describe an arson attack in a predominantly loyalist Co Antrim village as sectarian.

Yesterday morning petrol was poured around the front door of a nationalist home in the Stone Bridge Meadows area of Stoneyford.Scorch damage was caused to the front of the property after the petrol was set alight. There were no injuries.

In a statement yesterday, the PSNI said the incident was not sectarian, a claim rubbished by Sinn Féin.

Lisburn councillor Paul Butler, who spoke with relatives of the family who were targeted, said it was common knowledge the attack had a sectarian motive.

He said: "This is the third attack on this home in the last year. This family has had their house and car windows smashed on previous occasions by loyalists.

"Loyalists are actively trying to drive Catholics out of Stoneyford. By refusing to describe this latest attack as sectarian the PSNI is covering up for those responsible."

Mr Butler said he will be raising the issue of sectarian attacks in Stoneyford with representatives of the Irish government.

A spokeswoman for the PSNI said it is investigating an incident in the area. She said an accelerant was poured over the front door of a house and set alight, causing damage to the property.

"No one was injured and the attack is not being treated as sectarian," she added.

Last summer the homes and cars of nationalists living in Stoneyford were targeted in a series of attacks, which occurred a short time after loyalists staged a series of parades the area.

Here we see YET MORE loyalist violence but let's cut through the bullshit first and foremost. This attack quite clearly WAS sectarian.

The real issue here is, why won't the PSNI acknowledge that? I think it's abundantly clear that there are forces at work within the PSNI who want the peace process to fail and who badly want the North's institutions to stay down, but why won't they acknowledge these sorts of crimes? Are they indeed covering up for those responsible? That seems to be the case.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the North's police service is untrustworthy. It seems to be riddled with nasty elements.

Not only would this island be better served with an all-Ireland police service, it would be better served with a United Ireland full stop!

The people of Ireland's north deserve better than a corrupt police force.


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