Friday, December 23, 2005


A time for giving...

Since this is the time of year we're supposed to concentrate on giving rather than receiving (no rude jokes please), I figured I would take the time to update my blogroll as I've been meaning to for a while.

First up, go give Damien Mulley's Blog a look. It's always an interesting read although I don't like his colour scheme. Blue and white? Ugh. Did you know Damien offered me the chance to be a judge in the Irish Blog awards? Tis true. See here if you don't believe me. He's been giving you the UI visitor a bit of stick though. I refer you to this post. Quote:

"Plot getting thicker than the average comment poster on UI’s blog."

Harsh Damien!...but probably fair in some cases.

Next up, I've added City in the Trees. You might recognise the blog owner Lone Primate as he has visited United Irelander of late. He's a good writer and he has a pretty good colour scheme in fairness. Not bad for a guy from Canada.

Also added to the blogroll is Fiona's blog Mental Meanderings. We've put our disagreements behind us and I've come to accept that she was completely in the wrong (Joke). In all seriousness she has a good blog which is worth checking out as is her interview on Disillusioned Lefty.

Next up, is Red Mum. She runs an entertaining blog and her writing talent landed her her own newspaper column. I also like that floating graphic which runs across her screen. Tis witchcraft I tells ya!

I have also added Thinking Out Loud by That Girl to the blogroll. It's a good blog and the posts are well-written and easy on the eyes. She's also the blogger who hosted the recent blog gathering the other night.

Finally, I've added the wysiwyg blog by Janine Dalton. This might be the best looking blog I've ever seen and the posts are of great quality as well. I also have to respect her 'weird habit' which involves bringing a glass of water up to bed - same as myself!

So there you have it. Six new additions. By the way, if these bloggers wisht to reciprocate with some links what with it being the season of goodwill and all, feel free to do so! You know you want to really!


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