Thursday, December 22, 2005


Women in the nip!

Avert your gaze! This is an issue that has been reported on some other blogs.

Multi-millionaire Peter Stringfellow is set to open one of his clubs in Dublin. Parnell Street, to be exact.

The move has met opposition from locals who have banded together with women's group Ruhama to campaign against the club. Stringfellow has agreed to travel to Dublin in January to hold discussions with those oppose the club.

A decision on whether or not it will be allowed to open was deferred at Dublin District Court today, and will be made in the New Year.

I decided to investigate the matter further so I entered the official website of Mr Stringfellow's strip clubs (purely for research purposes!) and I discovered that the opening night is Tuesday, 10th January. There are some very nice pictures on the website - I never knew a shamrock could be used in that way.

If you want to check out the website for yourselves, for research purposes of course, then go
here. (warning - contains material that is inappropriate for young people and feminazis)

My take on this issue is that the club would be situated in an inappropriate area in a very well known part of Dublin and I don't particularly want such a sleazy joint ruining such a vibrant and cultural part of my city. Therefore, I oppose it and hope that it's not allowed to open.

With that being said though, assuming it does get the go ahead, should I go to the opening night and blog the entire Irish stripclub experience? I'm sure that would be a first.

Purely for research purposes obviously!


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