Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Ireland a 'terror target' - Loony lefties

Down with this sort of thingThe Irish Government’s support for the war in Iraq is putting Dublin at risk of a terrorist attack, an Oireachtas Committee heard today.

The Mid West Alliance against the War today called on the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee to carry out a full investigation into the stop-over of CIA planes carrying terror suspects en route to alleged torture camps.

Spokesman and chief loony lefty, Edward Horgan said: "The decision by the Irish Government to support the war being waged by the US puts the Irish people as a whole, and the people of Dublin city in particular, at risk of retaliation by those who perceive themselves to be the victims of the US-led war.

"The transit of very dangerous military cargoes and munitions through Shannon is also putting members of the public and Shannon airport employees at grave risk."

Ireland supports the war? I thought we had a precious 'tradition of neutrality'? Is Horgan for real? Let's hear what else Edward has to say...

"The Irish Government has allowed 650,000 US armed troops in uniform to pass through Shannon Airport for the purposes of the Iraq War, and this has resulted in the unlawful killing of up to 100,000 Iraqi people."

Oh so Ireland is to blame for the people who have died! Of course!

Senator Paschal Mooney, clearly a very intelligent fellow, said he found the Alliance’s arguments were one-sided and said the removal of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was a good thing.

He pointed out the 80% voter turnout in the recent democratic elections.

He disagreed with Labour Committee member Michael D Higgins who claimed there may have been political interference in decisions by the DPP in relation to complaints about activity at Shannon.

Mr Mooney added: "The people in America, particularly Irish Americans, would not understand if a troupe of gardaí was to go onto a plane at Shannon Airport without any specific evidence."

He said he accepted assurances from the Irish and US governments that Shannon was not being used for rendition flights until there was evidence to the contrary.

Well said, Mr Mooney! Thankfully there's still a few Irish politicians who ahven't gone bananas over the War in Iraq.

Speaking of people who have gone bananas, Seanad leader Mary O’Rourke weighed in her with her two cents:

"There have been incidents of which we would not be proud as a country. The democratic process benefits from people questioning things. We’re not all cloned dolly sheep bobbing our heads up and down."

I don't think you're cloned dolly sheep. I think you're a bunch of parrots all coming out with the same old guff, all the while igoring the wishes of the Iraqi people. Most Iraqis are happy with the performance of the government, 80% turnout at the recent election. Why won't you acknowledge that?

Greens chairman (shouldn't that be yellow?), John Gormless...excuse me, Gormley, said George Bush was a puppet of a neo-conservative troupe in the White House.

He added that the opposition of Irish people to US foreign policy didn’t make them anti-American.

"The war was based on a massive lie. The war is continuing with horrendous casualties, mostly the citizens of that country," he said.

Oh for crying out loud! Why don't you mention the people responsible for the killing? The terrorist scum who you are indirectly assisting! Here's the icing on the cake from oul' Gormley:

"No US war plane should be landing in Shannon because of our tradition of neutrality. They should not be using Shannon as a military airport ... and treating the country like it is any other state of the US."

The 'tradition of neutrality'! Didn't you just know it was coming?! Tell you what Gormley, you can shove that particular tradition up your green arse.

Puppets scare me

I have nothing at all against Irish people who opposed the war in Iraq, but these clowns are embarrassing themselves with the vitriol they are coming out with.

They ignore the recent developments in Iraq and continue to spout the same old nonsense.

It's becoming tiresome, lads!

(By the way, if you roll over the images above you will get extra insight into the minds of these two chaps)


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