Sunday, December 11, 2005


Vigil held at US Embassy (yawn)

I see the Peace Alliance aka Tree Hugger central held a vigil today outside the US Embassy in Dublin to protest against the so-called "rendition flights" which are suspected to be passing through Shannon.

The NGO Human Rights organisation is not alone in claiming that planes being used by the CIA to transport terrorist suspects have touched down at Shannon up to 50 times in the last year.

Brendan Butler from the Peace Alliance said: "There is considerable evidence from international media, both in America and Europe, that these flights are taking place and that they have actually landed in Shannon because international observers have actually located the numbers of these planes. These are chartered airplanes – chartered by the CIA."

That's nice Brendan. Just one thing though - so what? What does it matter? Why should the Irish people care?

If we're contributing in the fight against terrorism then I really don't see a problem!

We're talking about terrorist suspects here not cub scouts.

I feel bad for these Irish extremist anti-war types. Unlike their British and American counterparts, Ireland's role in the whole Iraq affair has been minuscule. As a result, they can't complain about troop numbers and army operations like the British and Americans. Basically opposing the war in Iraq here in Ireland lacks sexiness. It lacks the cool factor. Therefore these loony lefties have to occupy themselves by concentrating on total non-issues like this one.

Next months' big Irish anti-war story - Dermot Ahern shakes hands with an American soldier! Someone organise a rally quick!


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