Friday, December 09, 2005


Love will save the day

I thought I'd check in on those kind and loving scamps over at Love Ulster to read what loving sentiments they were expressing as we approach the holiday season.

Here's what 'DV9' (a favourite of mine with his overflowing love) had to say on my country's Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern:

"Ahern is scum, always will be till the day the sad ideosyncratic Irish fool dies. All Irish Government ministers are till they give the protestants in the republic the right to be a unionist and the privilage to honour their forefathers identity.

It's time people started contributing to the Irish Consitution thread and providing information on how this Rebel Republic behaves......instead we have so-called unionists/protestants who wish to disagree/agrue instead of providing"

Hmm. I'm confused how wishing death upon someone qualifies as love? Is this a case of hidden love or something? And what's he saying about protestants in the Republic? I happen to live next to a protestant family and I've never heard them say anything about being denied the privilege to honour their forefather's identity. Strange.

Perhaps DV9 has so much love on his mind he's confusing himself?

"When you're feeling down and out
And you've got troubles on you mind
Love will save the day" - Whitney Houston

Sorry Whitney but you ain't got nothin' on Love Ulster's DV9!


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