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Sinn Féin lies exposed

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." - Adolf Hitler

Over the last few weeks Sinn Féin have been criticised by numerous people, myself included, for supporting the British OTR (On-The-Run) legislation which gives an amnesty to terrorists as well as British State forces. Sinn Féin have been claiming that they were unaware British State forces would be included in the legislation. On November 23rd, I posted about comments made by Gerry Adams who when commenting on the OTR legislation said:

"The scheme that we negotiated was published by the two governments at Weston Park (peace talks) in 2003 and related only to OTRs. It did not include members of British state forces.

"Sinn Féin’s position is absolutely clear: we are opposed to the inclusion of British state forces in the current legislation."

However this is a load of you know what as anyone who watched Martin McGuinness' performance on Hearts and Minds with Noel Thompson will tell you. For those of you who missed it, the SDLP over on their website have published a transcript of the interview. I have taken the liberty of highlighting in bold the most damning parts of the interview:

Noel Thompson: Let's start with OTRs first. Mark Durkan says you entered into an alliance of sleaze with the government which has delivered, secured, an amnesty for the security forces. Are you proud of that?

Martin McGuinness: I think that's a silly comment. When this began its life it was on basis of On the Runs and On the Runs specifically referred to nationalist and republicans who found themselves in difficult circumstances for over 30 years.

How many RUC men /UDR men or British soldiers could have been described as On the Runs? None. Why was that? Simply because they were fortunate in having an undeclared amnesty bestowed upon them by successive British Governments.

Noel Thompson: And now you have that written on paper

McGuinness: Well how many of them will come forward to avail of that situation? The people who will gain most advantage from this are those nationalists and republicans who are on the run for over 30 years. I don’t envisage that any people who were involved in the murders of nationalists, and Mark knows this better than I do, is ever going to be brought before a court in this day and age.

Noel Thompson: But you’ve taken that possibility away from victims?

McGuinness: Victims and relatives of victims know, for example in the case of the Bloody Sunday families, the British Army was effectively marched up to Buckingham Palace and were decorated by the British Queen for their activities in Derry on that day. So what’s the likehood of those people being brought before court.

People out there in our community have a good sense what this is all about. People know this is about resolving an anomaly which flows from the GFA, prisoner releases. The fact that there were people found themselves in this almost limbo situation.

SF has has spoken today to a number of victims groups. There is a lot of anger within victim groups about the way which this situation is being reported and the fact that relatives of victims of state violence are being virtually being ignored in the course of this debate.

Noel Thompson: Mark Durkan is pointing out that it is you who are putting them in that position by giving an amnesty to security forces. He wants their voices to be heard

McGuinness: Well Mark is very naïve then if that is the case. Because these people have effectively had an undeclared amnesty for over 30 years. Successive British Governments have stood over murderous activities of some elements of British intelligence services UDR, RUC, and British Army and that’s a fact and people in nationalist and republican areas know that.

Noel Thompson: But they also know there have been inquiries and more inquiries planned?

McGuinness: How many soldiers or how many RUC men have appeared before court for murders of 100s of Catholics and nationalists that have taken place over the years - few and far between

Noel Thompson: And now they never will?

McGuinness: They never would in my opinion. Anyone from the broad nationalist/republican constituency knows that the state always defends its service people. Those people who were involved, even in the importation of arms from S Africa, - what possibility is there that these people would ever stand before a court -I think there is no possibility whatsoever. I am not as naïve as Mark appears to be.


I think it's fair to say that lie number one has been exposed! Sinn Féin's President, Gerry Adams, declared to the world that his party were opposed to the inclusion of British State forces. However, one has only to read the interview above from Martin McGuinness, which took place on November 10th, to realise that his party had quite clearly accepted the inclusion of British State forces! The only reason Sinn Féin changed their tune on the issue is because they SEVERELY UNDERESTIMATED the backlash that developed over it!

Now let's expose lie number two with help from the good folks over at El Blogador. First of all, here are recent comments made on British State collusion by Sinn Féin Assembly Member Alex Maskey:

"Unlike the SDLP, Sinn Fein has always supported the victims of state violence and collusion.

"Sinn Fein continues to stand beside these families as we have done for years."

The above comments by Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey are disgusting lies which have been exposed by El Blogador in this post. I'll let them explain:

'"Sinn Féin claims that the SDLP has jumped on the bandwagon on the OTR issue. However, the official minutes of the Northern Ireland Assembly prove otherwise. On 19th February 2002, the SDLP proposed this motion: "That this Assembly considers that the Government’s proposal for dealing with those "on the run" constitutes an amnesty for offences committed prior to April 1998, beyond the requirements of the Good Friday Agreement and that there should be further consideration of a mechanism whereby all those who were guilty of human rights abuses, from whatever quarter, including persons referred to as being ‘on the run’, should acknowledge and give a full account of their actions and recognise the hurt caused to and being endured by victims, families and the community. The Assembly further believes that those exiled by paramilitary organisations should be able to return to Northern Ireland without threat to their welfare by paramilitaries."

'The Sinn Féin members present opposed this motion, including Mitchel McLaughlin, Pat McNamee, Conor Murphy, Barry McElduff and Alex Maskey. The SDLP proposed to ensure that human rights abusers from any group, be it state, loyalist, or republican, would be dealt with by a process which would bring justice for victims'

I think it's fair to say that lie number two has been exposed! Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey claimed that, unlike the SDLP, Sinn Féin have always supported the victims of British State collusion however as El Blogador have pointed out, ALEX MASKEY HIMSELF OPPOSED A MOTION TO BRING JUSTICE TO VICTIMS OF BRITISH STATE COLLUSION.

I salute El Blogador for their excellent work in highlighting the lies of Sinn Féin. I urge you to read their posts over the last few days and weeks which have really been top-notch. They are also responsible for the excellent image which I used for this post! I visit the site regularly and regard it as one of the best nationalist blogs in Ireland and I urge you to make it a daily visit.

It's time we all joined together to expose Sinn Féin for the liars that they are.



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