Monday, December 12, 2005


Unionists must embrace nationalists

On Thursday I made a post about this letter from a Matthew Tennis which appeared in the Belfast Telegraph and which complained that NI had been brushed out of British travel guides. Well, I was pleased to read this letter from Reg Catchpole in Illinois, USA, who challenged Mr Tennis' views stating that it's time for unionists to embrace their nationalist neighbours:

"Regarding the complaint from Matthew Tennis (Writeback, December 1) that the "province has been airbrushed out of travel guidebooks", the fact is that most tourists to the six counties are touring other parts of the island of Ireland, so it makes sense to package it as one destination.

"Promoting tourism should not be a excuse for such sectarian rubbish - the old days of unionist domination and segregation are over. It is time for unionists to embrace the other people on the island, including nationalist neighbours.

"At least 40% of the population of Northern Ireland hold Republic of Ireland passports and probably would not object to harmonising tourism with the south, as well as other practical harmonising initiatives.

"Mr Tennis needs to wake up to the reality and get over his political and cultural myopia."

Well said Mr Catchpole! It is indeed time that the other people on the island of Ireland were acknowledged by unionists. We count too you know!


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