Saturday, October 29, 2005


Where is the love?

Oops! Seems like a bad day for all those caring folks at Love Ulster! Today was the day of the Love Ulster (sic) Parade and 30,000 strong were expected to take to the streets today to spout bigotry...uh I mean to protest that the peace process discriminates against Protestant culture! However, quite a few decided not to turn out. How many you ask? Oh, just around 28,000!

That's right, out of 30,000 expected - 2,000 turned up.

Bad weather has been blamed on the miserable turnout.

Bad weather? Now there's a joke. Because you can imagine such a conversation, as the following one can't you:

"Come on noy, Billy. It's time to spread orr love throyoyt Ulster. Do ye have the UVF banner we' ya?"

"Ah sure thar's noy point 'n spreadin' orr love t'day, Arlene."

"And why noyt?"

"Ah shur, it's rainin'."

Nice to see that most unionists have sense and aren't touching that Love Ulster (sic) parade with a barge pole. I have documented the 'love' on that LU site quite a bit here on United Irelander. There is absolutely no need to have a group in Ireland's north like Love Ulster (sic) which is inextricably linked to Loyalist paramilitaries.

Seems like most unionists agree.


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