Saturday, October 29, 2005


Advance Australia Unfair!

I didn't get to comment earlier on the International Rules match between Ireland and Australia.

Ireland lost 63-42 and Australia claimed the Cormac McNallen Cup with a 163-106 aggregate score.

I'd now like to take this time to congratulate Australia - on kicking the shit out of our players.

Was that supposed to be sport? I tuned in to watch an athletic contest but instead I saw ugly scenes which looked like they were taken straight from the Director's Cut of Gladiator. It was brutal.

Some of the Aussie players were roaming around like crazed animals. Foaming at the mouth and baying for blood. Just because we kicked their arses in the contest last time doesn't give them the right to kick our arses this time for real!

Kudos Australia. You've proven how great you are at behaving like a bunch of maniacal scumbags. I really don't think this is the kind of contest Ireland should be participating in though if every game is going to descend into a mass brawl.

Aussie Rules? More like Anarchy Rules.


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