Saturday, October 01, 2005


Adams calls for devolution

The Irish and British governments must move quickly towards re-establishing devolution in Ireland's north, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said.

Mr Adams said unionists would need time to absorb the "completeness" of the IRA's disarmament, announced by the head of the arms decommissioning body.

However, he said it was now up to both governments to press on. (uh, how can he one minute say unionists need time, and the next minute urge the governments to press on?)

Adams said the British and Irish governments needed "to move speedily to fulfilling their commitments and injecting momentum into the political process".

"The goal should be the re-establishment of the Executive as quickly as possible and before British direct rule ministers take more decisions on health and education and transport and investment which will adversely affect the people of the north," he added.

I do agree with Adams on this matter. Ireland's north is in a political rut right now and it's high time the two government stepped up efforts to help it out of it.

Rejectionist unionism, or divisionism as I like to call it, cannot be allowed to halt progress for the people of Ireland.


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