Saturday, October 01, 2005


Saturday Survey

Heroes of the Week: Tyrone football team: Well done to Tyrone who on Sunday managed to defeat Kerry to take the All-Ireland. They thoroughly deserved their victory in a great contest.

Villains of the Week: Irish Ferries: This disgraceful company this week announced plans to replace around 550 staff with lower-paid workers from eastern Europe. Thankfully, in recent days SIPTU succeeded in securing a High Court injunction preventing Irish Ferries from pushing ahead with its redundancy plan.

Funniest Moment of the Week: Holy Blair: I quite liked this post by Ciarán over at Neither Indifferent Nor Sceptical. What was Blair talking about at that point?

Dunce of the Week: Ian Paisley: This week Dr No outdid himself by cranking up the negativity to obscene levels in light of the IRA's decommissioning of weapons. He even raised question marks about the two church witnesses who were involved in the issue.

Luckiest Persons of the Week: Rossport Five: The Rossport Five were released this week by the High Court after the men apologised for their actions. I'm glad they were released. I admire them by standing by their principles, something that cannnot be said for alot of the politicians on this island.

My favourite moment of the week: IRA Decommissioning: My favourite moment of the week is unsurprisingly the decision by the Provisional IRA to decommission their weapons. While I did not like the media circus that went hand in hand with it, I do acknowledge that it is a positive development for the people of this island who are sick of violence and who want peace.

Quote of the Week: "We are satisfied the arms decommissioned represent the totality of the IRA's arsenal" - General John de Chastelain on the IRA weapons decommissioned.

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