Friday, September 30, 2005


Meme to self...

I've been tagged for one of these meme thingies. So without further ado:

These people will indeed be heard uttering phrases such as "roysh","totally","like, whatever" and "craic"(this one irritates me especially. Dubs can't pull off using this word.

This is the fifth sentence from my 23rd post (cough) which was a 'Fun Irelander Feature' on everybody's least favourite Dubs - the D4 heads.

What does this sentence tell you about me? Um, that I don't like D4 types?

Here are the rules of this thing:

- Search your blog archive
- Find your 23rd post (or near enough to it)
- Find the fifth sentence (or near enough to it)
- Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions
- Tag five people to do the same

So I guess I need to inflict this upon five bloggers. I think I'll choose some people I've never memed before...

maca over at Raiméis
Seoman over at Liffeyside
Sinead over at Sigla
Fi over at Trixibell
and Caoimhe at The blog and I


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