Friday, September 30, 2005


Irish Ferries making waves

Following on from this post I made on Irish Ferries yesterday regarding their plans to replace around 550 staff with workers from eastern Europe, comes the news that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has questioned the legality of the move.

The Irish Independent reports the Taoiseach saying he will be taking advice from the Attorney-General on whether it was within the terms of redundancy legislation to act in that way.

Labour leader Pat Rabbitte has condemned what Irish Ferries has done branding the issue "disgraceful" and he said €6m of taxpayer's money would go towards the redundancy fund.

"It is a blatant move to disemploy an entire workforce and replace them with other workers," he said.

Mr Ahern said he could not defend the way the company had acted, describing it as "sharp practice" and "totally unacceptable". He told the Dail he had written to the Irish Ferries chief executive saying he "did not accept" the way in which the company had acted.

I'm pleased to see the Government as well as the Labour party tackling this important issue. Irish Ferries have behaved disgracefully and their anti-Irish policies are a travesty.

It's good to see that the unacceptable actions of this company are being brought to light.


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