Thursday, October 13, 2005


Harney blasted...again

Following the news that I posted about on Tuesday regarding Minister for Health Mary Harney being rated poor by 56% of voters in an online poll, comes the news that three hundred and twenty-one patients were waiting on trolleys in accident and emergency departments across the country yesterday morning, according to the Irish Nurses Organisation.

The INO said the worst of today's overcrowding was in Dublin's Tallaght Hospital, where 51 people were waiting for admission to a hospital bed.

The Tánaiste and Health Minister Mary Harney announced an action plan to deal with the overcrowding problem earlier this year, but nurses say it has yet to have any affect on the situation.

I said it on Tuesday and I'll say it again. It's high time Mary Harney stepped down from her position as Health Minister.

She has proved an abject failure.


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