Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Harney blasted by public

The Tánaiste Mary Harney's performance as Minister for Health has been rated as "poor" by 56% of voters in an online poll conducted by the health-oriented website www.irishhealth.com.

Only nine per cent said her performance, after one year in the job, was very good (were they PDs?), while 14% rated it as good.

A further 21% of Irishhealth.com users rate her performance as "fair".

Yes, it is 'fair' if by 'fair' they mean 'it sucks donkey balls'.

Mary Harney is overseeing a health crisis and allegedly hasn't the guts to come on TV and face the very people she is leaving in discomfort.

It's high time Mary Harney stepped down from her position as Health Minister.


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