Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Yet another Govt project disaster

It has emerged that the Government has suspended another computer project – a website – because it didn’t work properly.

Fine Gael claimed in the Dáil that a €3m one-stop-shop portal, launched by former Health Minister Micheál Martin amid a fanfare of publicity in 2004, was abandoned earlier this year.

Party leader Enda Kenny said: "The portal is not up and running because it doesn’t exist.

"It has disappeared into the same black hole as the e-voting, the PPARS, the Digital Hub, Punchestown and all of the others."

Health Minister Mary Harney admitted that the project, which was worked on by IBM and Accenture firms, was suspended earlier this year because the technology wasn’t compatible.

"Work on the portal was suspended by the HSE last February because it seemed the technology may not have been compatible,"she said.

So there's €3m down the drain. As Enda Kenny said, it has disappeared down a black hole. I'd like this Government to be met with a similar fate.

It's time for a change of government at the next election, folks. A government that is not in the habit of pissing our money away...


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