Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Come on Ireland!

Well the Irish team has been announced:

(G) Shay Given
(D) Ian Harte
(D) Richard Dunne
(D) Kenny Cunningham
(D) Stephen Carr
(M) Kevin Kilbane
(M) John O'Shea
(M) Matt Holland
(M) Andy Reid
(F) Robbie Keane
(F) Clinton Morrisson

Morrisson has been preferred to Elliot and Carr has been preferred to Finnan but the big news here is that O'Shea comes into central midfield. If you remember, I myself advocated that O'Shea should come into central midfield. John Giles, Eamon Dunphy and Liam Brady don't agree with the decision but I think it's the right call. It's a gamble but one which I feel will be successful. Don't let me down John O'Shea!

Come on Ireland!


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