Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Something to get your teeth into...

The Irish Dental Association has criticised the Government for not making people aware of their entitlements.

The group said 80% of the population could get free or subsidised treatment from their local dentists, but many people just don't know about it.

The IDA plans to launch an awareness campaign to encourage more people to avail of annual check-ups.

Chairman of the GP Group of the IDA, Dr Tom Houlihan, said that, of the PRSI scheme, only 30% of those who paid PRSI actually took up treatment on the scheme, and 18% of the medical card holders took it up.

"What people are entitled to free of charge is an examination and a basic cleaning every twelve months," he said.

That's certainly news to me. I haven't actually been to the dentist in a while.

Why wasn't this information made more readily available by the Government for the general public?


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