Thursday, September 29, 2005


Take us to your college bar

Get this - The University of Glamorgan has launched a degree course in the hunt for alien life, which it says is a UK first. (wow you mean there's not more?)

New recruits signed up to the course, on 'astrobiology', in South Wales, this week.

Around half a dozen people have enrolled to take part on campus, but about 100 people in the local community are studying aspects of the subject.

The three-year degree will encompass popular culture, such as films like K-Pax starring Kevin Spacey, alongside studying more obscure texts, laboratory-based study and stargazing.

On the subject of "dumbing down", Course leader Professor Brake said: "People's interest in quite serious and scientific sober issues is often sparked by popular culture.

He said films such as ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind have their place "because they have influenced the scientists that do the searching".

Yikes. It's university, but not as we know it. I don't understand what the point is in having a degree on this subject. What does it prove? That you're a fan of Sci-Fi?

How about we introduce a degree course on Westerns as well? Instead of tutorials you could play Cowboys and Indians! Now that would be great fun!

Good luck to the people who do this 'astrobiology' degree but I fail to see what good it will do. I know college is about encouraging people to reach for the stars but this is ridiculous!


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